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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mid-Week Inspiration 1

Welcome to my new series that has been on my mind... since I stumbled on some very very very creative/artsy/eye-opening/touching/inspiring artists, articles, gifts, work of creativity. fashion, ideas and well everything that just made me go "WOW!!" on the web! Let's just say, the little star on the right has been very very well used.

Every Wednesday, I'll be sharing at least 5 of my favourites for the week. I chose Wednesday because it's when I feel at my lowest. Usually drained, tired, mentally and creatively exhausted and in need for some TLC, pick-me up and a little inspiration. And if it's the same for you too, I hope some of these amazing sites, people, articles etc. will be the pick me up you need.


"Be a WARRIOR! Not a worrier" 

Helen Friel
1. Paper Engineer & Illustrator Helen Friel

Gives so much more meaning to paper! Besides her beautifully and skillfully crafted paper sculptures and models, she does an awesome job as an illustrator & graphic designer as well. Her site is a treasure chest of pretty!

Make sure you check her blog & watch the Revolution video :)

Carl Warner

2. "FoodScapes" by Carl Warner

Who knew food would make good materials as well? Carl Warner sure didn't listen to the old rule "Don't play with your food!" and it's a good thing too!  Thankfully he didn't because boy did he make art! With food, superglue, a camera and a good eye he manages to make beautifully detailed sceneries! Each piece will leave you breathless as you take in the colours, the editing, the views and definitely the idea that it's created with just food!

Make sure you check out his other pieces of work as well on his site :)

The Real Flinstone's House

3. A real life Flintstone's House 

Now YOU can live like the childhood favourite stone-age family, the Flintstones. Provided you have just about $3.25million to spend. Exorbitant pricing aside, this house is an architectural masterpiece and the details in the interiors are not to be missed as well! Very cool!  

4. Transforming 2D into 3D

With just a few very strategically placed white lines, you can make your 2D videos look 3D! Check out this website and view for yourself! If you have the time, maybe you'd like to try it on some of your own home videos ;)

Rebel Wisdom

5. Rebel Wisdom

This one is definitely my kind of inspiration because it speaks to my soul and it appeals the rebel inside me. The very cute vintage typography and style makes these very visually appealing as well as breaks the stereotype that "rebels" are all emo kids who hide in their dungeons at home.

Hopefully, it inspires you to "break some rules" and try something you've never tried before :) 

There you go! This week's favourites :) What are yours? Share your link with me at the comment box below! 2 more days to the weekend!

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