Draw My Love : Valentines Day

StickgirlProductions: Happy Valentine's Day!
Don't know about you but I can definitely tell that love is in the air as  friends are getting together or engaged! BUT, I think that whether you are Single or Attached, I can safely say- love is something worth celebrating. As long as there is one person in the world who loves you, even if it's just your fat lazy cat at home, you're blessed (but in all seriousness, if a cat loves you you're MORE than blessed cause cats don't love easily).

In the season of love, I want to do something different with StickgirlProductions. At first I thought of doing personal commissions for 3 couples, but I changed my mind. Instead let me tell you about the "Draw My Love" promo.

"Draw My Love" 
A Digital Age Kind Of Love
7 Feb 2014 - 14 Feb 2014

I will draw you and your boyfriend/fiance/husband, girlfriend/fiancee/wife, furrbaby, bestfriend, sister, brother, mother, father etc. (maximum of 4 subjects) based on a picture/story you show/tell me. 

I will not be drawing customised backgrounds.
 For this project, you two choices of stock background:
A Heart Background
Solid Colour Background (Colour of your choice)

You can add your names, favourite quote (if can fit)

StickgirlProductions: DrawMyLove2014 

Here's a sample I did - Heart background, couple kissing in winter and the hubbycat & my name. 
Note: Actual picture will not have #drawmylove2014

This is not a print. 
I am only going to do the illustration and email you the hi-resolution digital file of your design. 
The reason why I am not doing a print is because I feel that you can do so much more with digital media. Also, with digital you can share it with your love ones via email or whatsapp. 
This is perfect for those who have family overseas or for couples in long distance relationships. 

BUT! If you would like to have the design on print, you can then take the file to any printer or even print it at home using your own photo/laser/cartridge printer. It prints nicely in A4 size.

If you would like me to do the printing for you, let me know and I'll give you a quote. 
But do note that I won't be able to sent the print before Valentine's Day. 

Cost (Digital File)

2 subjects: RM50
3 subjects: RM65
4 subjects: RM75

I will email you the digital file 2 days after receiving payment.

To place an order, email me at ally@stickgirlproductions.com and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. In your email- do attach a picture/story of what you would like in the illustration.