Chinese New Year Commissions

Been a very busy week completing orders.
This year I had a fair few commissions requesting me to design illustrations to be used as Digital Greeting Cards sent over email. 
I'm guessing this is the new trend- paperless greeting cards. 
I'm not complaining as I'm all for preserving Mother Earth, but I do feel a bit sad that snail mail is phasing out because I do love receiving mail the old fashion way. 
Anyhow, trend or not, an order is an order and I will deliver. 
Here are some of the commissions I had the opportunity to create an completed for Chinese New Year 2013.

StickgirlProduction: Chinese New Year Digital Illustration (Commission)
StickgirlProductions: Chinese New Year Digital Illustration (Commission)

StickgirlProductions 2014: Year of The Horse
There is a few more but I can't publish those yet because I've yet to deliver them to their owners. Can't spoil  the surprise for them.

Other news: I will be releasing a free download in TWO days. So if you're interested, come back then :) 

All the Chinese New Year greeting cards orders have been posted out so if you placed an order in before Thursday, you should have received them already! So blessed by the response and feedback. I'm glad that it turned out well and I'm so impressed with the printing done by my printer :) 

StickgirlProductions: CNY2014(A) Greeting Card

StickgirlProductions: CNY2014(B) Greeting Cards
The last picture is the completed and packaged cards before being packed in a padded envelop bag for shipping :) 

Can't wait for Chinese New Year! 
See you in two days!