Happy Anniversary Darling

StickgirlProductions2013 : Josh&Ally
We are 1! And on the same date, Montycat turned 2 :) It's an amazing journey, discovery and a huge growth spurt. My bestfriend, my hubbycat, my first and last and my forever. He still makes me feel like our first date- excited, interested and very much in-love. In a crowded room, when he's around somehow everything just melts away. I'm so comfortable when he's with me, so safe when he's around, the way his eyes always follow me making sure I'm alright, like I'm the most precious thing in the room. That's my hubbycat. I love him so darn much, more than I ever thought I could.

This piece is a one of a kind piece, so much so I don't think I'll ever be able to replicate it even if I wanted to! I did it without any pencil sketches, drew it straight from my head to my iPad. That's how much they inspire me. I have always loved the night- there's something magical, mysterious and sexy about night time. And night time is when the hubbycat comes home and the last thing we do is cuddle up before sleep comes. Hubbycat, Montycat and I. It's my favourite part of the day :) The rest, I just let my imagination and creativity take over. The lights behind still blows my mind! How it creates a sense of movement to the picture, another dimension. The tinkerbell dust around the moon- everything unplanned. Just went with the flow for this one :)

The quote "I love you, more than yesterday less than tomorrow" is our quote. Part of my vows and still living it till today.

Going to get it framed up and hanged this weekend :) He loved it and I love how serene and whimsical the piece turned out. I love it when my imagination and creativity have free reign and something magical comes out. *Happy sigh*

I'll end with one of my favourite poems by Wendell Berry.

"How joyful to be together, alone
as when we first were joined
in our little house by the river
long ago, except that now we know
each other as we did not then;
And now instead of two stories fumbling
to meet, we belong to one story
that the two, joining, made.
And now we touch each other with tenderness
of mortals, who know themselves."

I love growing up with you hubbycat. Here's to many many more :)