Big Dreams

StickgirlProductions: Dream Big Little Girl

For a very very special little girl whom I've yet to meet but I've known her parents for a while now. They are a special bunch of people with hearts as big as the sun and they are amazing role models, mentors and leaders.

My fondest memories with the both of them has to be when they asked me "What are your dreams?" and it was a time in my life where I had so much I wanted to reach for. That moment I call a "defining moment" because it was whenever I felt lost in a future so huge I remember that conversation of dreams and refocus myself again.

And it's because of this, I know their little baby girl will be one who dreams and they are the best people to raise this little dreamer. That's why I chose that quote when I was thinking about this piece. "Dream Big, Little Girl". 

This piece is special because it's completely hand-drawn using pen&ink and coloured with markers. Even the typography is completely hand-drawn/written.

"It is not the size of the dreamer, it is the size of the dream" 
-Josh Ryan Evans