Thanksgiving 2013

Dearest Reader,

Happy Thanksgiving :)

I apologise that it has been a little quiet over here and I realise that whatever the reason, it's going to sound like an excuse. Things have just gone a little crazy over at the StickgirlProductions HQ.

Christmas orders, wedding designs, bridal showers, illustration commissions, next years business planning, new illustration, new collections and getting the online store ready (yay!) are some of  the things that I really need to get a handle on. Plus, it's holiday season which means plenty of catch-ups, food and celebrations!

Also, it's wedding season! The hubbycat and I have been travelling so much since the beginning of November that I'm literally living out of my tiny red suitcase that hasn't been unpacked since! haha! It's crazy but I'm just absorbing everything in, reminding myself that opportunities doesn't come always.

So I've been trying to pull a balancing act somewhat- until I got an eye infection which left me pretty much useless for a few days setting me back a little bit. So now it's all about playing catch up! *phew*

I promise once everything quietens down- I'll update the many projects and work I've been doing! There's one HUGE line up coming... work since September!

But it's Thanksgiving and here's a list of things I'm so thankful for:

1. Loving & supportive hubbycat, montycat, family & friends.
2. Encouraging, generous and supportive customers, admirers and clients.
3. Good health.
4. Loving my work and being able to be creative and making people smile through my illustrations.
5. Easily accessible suppliers, printers and materials at reasonable prices.
6. This whole journey and the opportunities and the people I met along the way :)
7. The perpetual summer in Malaysia. After living abroad for 5 years, I'm wayyy over winter. I'd rather have heat and rain over cold rain any

What are you thankful for?