StickgirlProductions Dress Up Stickgirl!

If you've been following my Twitter / Facebook / Google+ then you would have known that I had this in the works! I have been busy with custom orders and commissions and using my creativity to fit a brief/criteria and while I have no problems with guidelines (LOVE GUIDELINES from my customers!) I just had to do a piece where my creativity could have complete reign of my art direction (hands up if you're an artist and you know what I'm on about!)

After completing a really tricky order (because it was one where I had to draw many firsts) I just had to stop looking at orders less I end up producing less than inspiring/creative work. And I needed to jump-start the creative wagon again. I decided to try my hand at fashion illustration ala StickgirlProductions way!

StickgirlProductions: Dress Up
IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I first created a style for each Stickgirl, then drawing inspiration from some of my favourite trends, fashionistas, bloggers and fashion-savvy friends I drew the clothes, shoes, accessories, experimented with different methods of colouring and brushes to achieve what I had in my head.

The piece is completely digital and I have a  feeling I'll be moving over to digital art very soon because the pieces that can be created are so much more vibrant and bright with a HUGE selection of colour palettes (which is what the pieces from StickgirlProductions is about!).

For the first time, I remembered to take pictures of my progress- and have uploaded a time-lapse video of the process. The 8-second video is after the jump!

I have watched the video over and over not because I'm narcissitic (okay, maybe just a little bit) but because it gives me goosebumps and satisfaction when I see my work go from just an idea, to rough sketch and then a completed piece that is what I had in my head. It's one thing to have it visualised mentally and another to see it physically and even better in print!

So let me introduce the girls to you (left to right)

1. "Girls just want to have fun" Stickgirl
- For those who live for the parties, the events, the nightouts and understand the mysteries of the night. Never without an item of leather but at the same time, attracted to things that are pretty, feminine and dreamy.

2. "Alive at Summer" Stickgirl
- The girls who are in hibernation all winter and only emerge when the temperature increases and the sun is blazing. Always up for a beaching good time, a popsicle and always caught in a bikini! Light-weight and brightly coloured materials are their bestfriends!

3. "The Eccentric Kitty" Stickgirl
- For the really fun ones without a care of what the world thinks of them! They wear pieces that brings out their personality and Over The Top is second nature! My Stickgirl is a Kitty lover (maybe I drew me)- fake kitty ears included, and she happens to love it! However, I'm sure there are others out there with eccentric styles- and in my opinion, ditch the fashion police- there are days where you just have to be YOU!

4. "The Blair Woldorf met Twiggy" Stickgirl
- This one is one of my favourite styles to wear. Timeless fashion- I call it but you would probably know it as "Mod, 60s, Preppy etc." I've been intrigued with this style ever since I bought my first shift dress 3 years ago and have been going back to this style ever since. I am so happy that it's finally instyle again because Shift Dresses cannot be anymore easier to find these days!

This Stickgirl is a lady with modern day spunk. Always ready for a martini, great friends and up for a good classic movie- this is one lady you'll always have deep conversations with or if you need some diabolical plan (teehee).

5. "The Hippie with Style" Stickgirl
- This one is one of my favourite to draw, and the skirt was a dream to create! This girl is sweet, sensitive and loving with a dream to change the world around her! She has a purpose and she'll stand hours in the hot sun if she needs to! Otherwise, it's flowers in her hair, strumming her guitar in a field of white daisies.

So yes, TOO MUCH FUN! This is my interpretation of each of the Stickgirls I created but not limited to it! I'm sure you can create your own story for each one and if you can, it means I have managed to do it right.

Now, excuse me while I go find myself a pair of cat ears *teehee*
StickgirlProductions: Dress Up (without digital editing)