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Monday, 28 October 2013

Future Home Project- Choosing Paint.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertised post.

Everything written in here is my personal experience and opinion. The reason why I chose to put this in the StickgirlProductions blog instead of my private one is because this is on so many levels creative and I thought this could help those of you out there who were like me, unsure of the painting walls other than traditional paper and watercolour :) 

Choosing Paint Colours with Nippon Paint Swatches and my Supervisor, Monty Cat
Almost 2 months since our little family took the big step to pack up and move back to our Mother Country. Other than working on StickgirlProductions commissions and custom orders, whenever I have free time I'll be nose deep in Interior Design books, websites and visiting Home Deco fairs (AND thankfully Malaysia is abundant with Home Deco fairs!).

Yes, the hubbycat and I FINALLY have a home to call our own!! *throws confetti, pops bottle of champagne* It's still a work in process because the house is completely bare and nothing is installed in yet, not even lights. As a first-time home owner, what am I looking forward to? Decorating the walls PERMANENTLY!!! *Muahahahaha*

And if the hubbycat even for a while thought I was joking, I sure put that to rest now! BECAUSE... I already bought the paint! Teehee.. but I wouldn't be so brave if not because of the two amazing men, my hubbycat and daddycat. There's an 80% chance of me ruining the whole wall and the hubbycat might have to fork out more money to get it repainted yet he still agreed because "anything to help you be creative!" And my dad so generously bought me the paint because of that same reason as well. *happy sigh... so blessed to have their love and support for my passion*

It was NO EASY feat choosing paint because there are SOOOO many colours and for an artsy person like me I get distracted so easily! At times it was so nerve-wrecking because  it does dawn upon you that it's pretty much permanent and nothing will ever feel as good as bare walls being painted its first brush of paint (I got serious issues here). BTW, You should watch dmingthing's video "You Got New One?" cause this is me... especially when it comes to my art stuff.

Just like finding true love, when you happen to find a colour that is the right one, you'll know. You won't have to come up with excuses on why you need it because it will fit everything you ever wanted and maybe more. So here's my journey on finding THE ONE below.

Feature Wall images found on (Clockwise from top left)
Table Tonic, AmieDotCom, Homelibs, Easy Living
(Click picture for clearer view)

I always loved having a home that inspires creativity, thinking and yet, makes the home feel safe, cosy and relaxing. I feel feature walls do that and if done right it can liven up the home. After countless home&living magazines and pinterest- I decided to get it built on because it has more life than a plain painted wall.

Until I step foot in the HomeDec fair at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Upon entering the hall, the first thing that ggreeted me is the HUGE Nippon Paint booth! It was love at first sight (literally). The artist in me instantly got taken  up by the colours, the inspiration and styling of paint and furniture and even a painting corner *hearts in eyes*. I really felt like a little child in a candy store. Somewhere between debating with myself and being encouraged by the two men to go for it, I decided to change my mind about the built in and go for paint instead. As my daddycat said "you can always change your mind with paint and not with a built in" but what really sold it for me is that I get to do it myself (although initially I was nervous!), play with paint and given the permission to use the whole wall as my canvas. WHAT MORE CAN AN ARTIST WANT?!

We were given an explanation on the new paint line from Nippon (which you can read up on their website).

Nippon Momento
Source: Nippon Website
Called the Nippon Momento, it's actually textured paint and each texture requires a certain painting technique. When the paint dries, it looks like wallpaper which is great because it is not advisable to put up wallpaper in Malaysia. This is because the glue loses its stickiness from the humidity which causes it to peel overtime. The best part is that there is no right or wrong way of painting it and no such thing as mistakes.

There are two lines- Momento Textured and Momento Enhancer. I explained my situation and was given a few paint swatches that had the potential to be our living room colour. But at the end the hubbycat and I were very much taken in with the Momento Textured series and a colour called "Reflections" from the Sparkle Series colours. Momento Texture differs from Momento Enhancer where the "Texture" needs to be painted on a prepped wall while with the "Enhancer" the colour of your choice comes sheer and is painted on top of an already existing paint colour.

What I love about the colour we chose is that it's Earthy *YES!* and just a little darker than our couch which makes it brilliant for a feature wall. It will make our furniture all stand out but what I really really love is that upon closer inspection, you can spot the silver shine, almost like fine diamond dust sprinkled on the surface. And when the light hits...

Sparkle Silver "Reflections" Nippon Momento Paint
Source: Nippon Website

*happy sigh* I do love shiny things. There are different lines in the Momento Textured series and if sparkle and shine isn't your thing, then there are different types to go for.

From what I've experienced from trying to paint on the mock wall in the expo, the paint goes on smoothly and evenly with the Nippon brush provided with each purchase. The technique was something with a little practice I can definitely conquer because it's pretty straightforward and repetitive. I've yet to start painting but I'm really excited to! I'll blog about that in the future BECAUSE it's a HUGE CANVAS!! I'm now contemplating to paint my own bedroom wall (to my hubbycat's horror) but I'll start with the living room first.

I'm so thankful I went to the expo because if you thought choosing the colour was hard, try choosing paint brands. I thought Dulux might be better but nothing beats having to see, touch and feel the finished product for yourself and for me, I was truly impressed. The Nippon website & Facebook page is also filled with MANY MANY media such as photos, video tutorials and styling ideas which I found very useful when deciding how I'd like to use my paint <3

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