Wedding Design: Tze & Mandy

StickgirlProductions Wedding Design: Tze & Mandy
Hand-drawn and coloured, then digitally edited.
Printed as a Portrait and made into cards.
I was very very excited when Mandy proposed a Chinese Wedding design! I get to go back to my roots! I'm personally very fond of oriental designs and elements because they're very eye catching, celebratory and I love the colours of red, pinks, oranges, gold and yellows. But when it comes to traditional Chinese wedding invites, I get a little turned off by how old and stuffy they look, the way the colours are put together and that weird perfume they put on the cards (but hey, that's just me! and thankfully Mandy too!)

Mandy asked me to mix the traditional with the modern and help her design a piece that will make the oldies happy and them happy :) Incorporating old school oriental designs such as the traditional Chinese wedding costumes, the umbrella and the fans mixed with a modern cute twist of StickgirlProductions- I created the design above. Mandy wanted it to look like it was hand-drawn so I just added a touch of Photoshop to clean the picture but left the unevenness and roughness of a hand-created piece attached.

And one cannot forget to add the symbol of  "Double Happiness" to any Chinese Wedding!