Anak Malaysia

Finally found some time to log in an update :)

This year, for the first time in 6 years I'm back home with my people to celebrate Independence Day and Malaysia Day. This year is special for me because this year I had a change of heart and mind. While living in Australia opened my eyes to freedom, cleanliness, civic mindedness and good solid socio-economic structures- something was still missing. I came back and I found it :)

I changed my mindset. If you are looking for a reason to be unhappy, you'll find it. So instead of focusing on the obvious downfalls I opened myself to be surprised. Surprised I was, very very much surprised.

The first thing I noticed was how much cleaner the country is compared to before. Then I noticed how people are getting more accepting and tolerant with each other despite the news. Then I was surprised at the good service I got at McDonalds - the "Selamat Petang" made my day. Later, I realised, great service was available at most places and I had only ONE experience with sucky service. Next I was amazed at how much Malaysia has developed- the malls, the technology, the neighbourhoods- I suddenly felt like a country bumpkin from small Adelaide! Kuala Lumpur can eat Adelaide in a heartbeat. Then I noticed how free Malaysians are generally- how modern the country  and the people have become. Then I fell in love with how there's always something for everyone, for every age, for every economic class and for every need- there's cheap and expensive food, clothes, cars and even malls just for everyone! The next thing I saw was the business opportunities! The untapped markets, the growing numbers of consumers, the willingness to spend a dollar and then of course the beauty of having multinational companies, branded goods and even brands that Australia still hasn't seen before! Then the next thing that blew me away- was  the cafes, the food stalls, the dessert shops, the bakeries! It was as if the western culture exploded in Malaysia! I could even find a flat white right in KL! (something 5 years ago was impossible to do)

And then the familiarity came flooding back- the late night shopping, the supper at 2am, the crazy friends, the night drives back, the warm weather, the love of summer clothes, the multi-language sentences, the lahs, mahs, lors, the drinking at 11pm, the twin towers, the night life. EVERYTHING I used to love and remember about Malaysia was still there :)

But on top of that, I realised what was missing. While Australia gave me civic-conciousness, safety and a somewhat better standard of living, it was never mine. Coming back to  Malaysia, for the first time after many years I felt home. Then the pride, the love, the honour for my tanah air swelled within me.  TO think that it would take being treated as an "Alien" in Australia  to make me see how blessed I am to belong in a country that has so much more to offer, to give, to grow. Now, the best part is that I get to be part of it all! That brings me to the second part of the news!

But before I do that- here's the picture I designed :) It was perfect timing- in time for Merdeka & Malaysia Day :) So proud to be an Anak Malaysia.
StickgirlProductions Digital Print - "Anak Malaysia"
The design is made using the Ipad and designed with SketchbookX. Made completely in Malaysia :P

What's the exciting news? Click below!!

News is that StickgirlProductions is coming to Malaysia! And I'm here to confirm it is!!!  :D Been getting so many orders from Malaysia- its crazy! I love how things are growing and I can't wait to re-launch StickgirlProductions in the next few months!

What does this mean? 
It means that for the next few months, I will be taking a short hiatus to work on bringing things here. But it doesn't mean that I won't be taking orders, on the contrary! I'm still available on email and facebook, so if you have any orders I'd love to deliver! But to be fair to you, I won't  always be able to take orders because there's only ME and there's plenty to do before the re-launch as well as some existing orders! But do try! Iff I can help, I will :)

I'm also still taking international orders as well :) That's still the same as  before- just give postage more time because Pos Laju may not be as efficient as AusPost! haha!

So excited for the next chapter of StickgirlProductions! To be able to contribute to the Malaysian economy, the country and to be able to be closer to home. One thing I'm looking forward to is serving my own fellow malaysians, my brother and sisters and to help my community :) You'll definitely be seeing more StickgirlProductions!