An Architects Birthday

Wee Tyr asked me to create 4 cards for him for his four childhood friends. I'll show you the rest in another post. For today, in this post is one of my most challenging yet most rewarding pieces to date. That being said, I still believe that all the pieces I create are special and unique because when I draw I try my best to capture the main traits/personality of the person its for.

So when Wee Tyr told me his friend was an architect student, loves flowers and reminds him of the word "HOPE" the first thing that came to mind was buildings, plans and a girl who is probably very special because to be reminded of the word "hope" must mean you're pretty unique :) 

The challenge was to make buildings looks cute- and if you know buildings they're anything BUT cute. Then I remembered something I used to do in high school especially while waiting for the exam time to end- create pictures out of alphabets. And "BIRTHDAY" is plenty of alphabets. So I got around to sketching it and incorporating all the different elements inside.

StickgirlPrductions Birthday Sketch: Pei Ern

I was so happy with the way it came out! It was a tedious 2 1/2 hour long process of sketching, erasing, sketching, erasing when I finally decided to outline it!

The next part was colours- something a little bit mature because 21 is the beginning of adulthood and yet, not lose that creative fun vibe! So I mostly settled for pastels and brights :)

StickgirlProductions Birthday Greeting: Pei Ern
Satisfied! I felt so rewarded when I saw the whole picture and I loved how everything clicked. I'm not one of those artists who is never satisfied with their work. I know when I do a good job- and I make sure only the best work gets sent through. And I'm so glad Wee Tyr and Pei Ern thought it was good too!!

Thanks Tyr for letting me be creative with the cards and for doing such a tremendous job on giving me detailed descriptions of your friends! I love it when friends know friends well :)

When people are able to tell me in depth detail of who their friends/spouse/family are, the story behind the relationship and just about anything about who the card/artwork is for it makes my job more meaningful because it becomes MORE than just work. It's a gift, a token of love, friendship, thankfulness and I feel so blessed to be part of that :)