StickgirlProductions: Cats

If you've been following my work for a while, you would have noticed the ever present orange cat in all my pieces. For all you non-cat lovers, I'm not sorry. (Teehee!) You're missing out on God's gift of clean,  entertaining, independent creatures. 

ANYWAY, CATS. I would definitely define myself as a cat person. I love cats just as much as I love chocolate, coffee and my markers. When I was young I was given a choice of any pet I wanted and I chose the cat. I've always chose cats after that. They don't drool, they don't smell like soggy socks, they don't cling on to you, they make you serve them, they are royalty and they know it but most of all, even though they act like royalty, once you're in their trust circle- you will be given the same respect in return. To get the respect and trust of a cat is like getting gold because they don't give it away easily like dogs. Just like how you should keep your heart for the right one. 

But I digress. I draw cats in my pieces in tribute of one very special one in my life. Monty Cat my cat-son. He's orange, loud, active, playful and really really demanding. Most of my cat inspired pieces are from Monty's crazy life. So when you see a crazy cat piece, know that it was brought to you by Monty Cat. :)