Work In Progress

Happy Monday!

StickgirlProductions: Dream Big, Little Girl

StickgirlProductions: Mark & Cindy Engagement

StickgirlProductions Greeting Card: Hello

It's such a lovely day outside that I decided to finish my work outdoors in the sun! Sunny days are so rare now that winter is looming it cold head. I can't wait to show you these pieces soon, so keep your eyes peeled! 

On other news, I've been drawing and colouring my pieces by hand and I'm starting to find it a little bit limiting in terms of colours and textures! I've been picking up and self-teaching myself how to draw/colour/design on the iPad and have been amazed at how much it has to offer! I hope to invest in a bamboo pad one of these days, but I figured I work up my skill on digital art using what I already have. 

If you're a digital artist / have technological knowledge and would like to educate someone who is just starting out, let me know what software / stylus / apps / programs you use :) 

Currently listening to Churchill- The War Within as I finish my orders and pieces!

Sending you smiles from my end of the world! Enjoy your Monday!