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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Wedding Design: Kelvin & Jennifer

StickgirlProductions Custom Design "Kelvin & Jennifer"
Close up of the bridal dress and the pet poodle

StickgirlProductions : "Kelvin & Jennifer"

I was approached not by the couple, but by the bride's younger sister Nacintha who wanted to present her big sister with a custom design wedding portrait of both Kelvin & Jennifer. Nacintha allowed me the freedom to design the picture with the only instruction is to add the couple's baby poodle :) She sent over a picture of Kelvin, Jennifer and their baby poodle and I designed the piece to best represent them. 

I made sure to incorporate the poodle into the piece by making it have a role (balloon handler!) rather than have the poodle just stand there like another prop. It worked well, I really love how the poodle turned out  (it was my first time drawing a dog too!). I also decided to make the dress pop by add some lace design. 

I drew and coloured the picture using permanent markers, colour markers and outline using Sharpie Fineliner. Then I scanned the picture into the computer and edited the picture using illustrator and photoshop. The picture is then printed out on 210gsm paper in A5 size with a narrow white border for framing purposes. I also included a piece of personalised StickgirlProductions note paper so that Nacintha is able to write a note to her big sister and new brother :) 

I had so much fun designing this piece :) Thanks Nacintha for the opportunity and I hope Kelvin & Jennifer loved the piece! Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple and to you Nacintha on gaining a brother. 

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