The Little Magician

John found a black old top hat that once belonged to his grandpapa, he scoured around and found a black pencil and ran to show him mother.

"Shhh, not now John, mama's busy, go to papa" was mama's reply.

So John ran into the living room and found papa fixed on a football game that is showing on the tv.
"TADDAAAA" shouted John.
"John! It's the climax of the game! Go to Anna!" was papa's reply.

Dejectedly, John trotted up to Anna's room.
"Anna?" John asked meekly.
"Oh! What's this! A magician has entered the room!" Anna exclaimed excitedly.
John peeked up from below his eyelashes, a glint of excitement in his eye. "YES! I am a magician, but I can't make mama or papa look at me." A sad pout forming.
"Well, a true magician is able to capture his audience whether they are willing or not. Run down there and show them what you can do."

So John ran down to his mama's office and said, "Mama, I know you're busy... but can you scratch my back. I think a mosquito bit me at a place I can't reach." As mama scratched, John giggled. And then he turned around and said "You were busy, but upon hearing I needed help you dropped everything to help me. You love me very much and this is proof." Mama smiled. "Tadaaaa" John said as he waved his pencil in the air. "My first trick is that I made you smile! I love you mama!"

Then John ran to his papa with a can on peanuts in his hand. "PAPA! PAPA! Catch!" As John threw the can of nuts into his papa hands. As papa opened the can of nuts confusion set in. "Eh! Where's the nuts John?" "hehe! Shake me! Shake me!" was John's reply. So papa shook John and nuts fell out of his shirt. "Shake me more!" As papa shook John and nuts started spilling out of his shirt - papa started to laugh. "Tadaaa!" said John again, waving his pencil. "That's not magic John! You just stored nuts in your shirt pockets!" replied Papa laughing. "Nope! But I made you look at me!!! And I made you laugh!" said John hugging his papa.

Happily John ran to his sister "ANNA! I made the look and laugh! I am now a real magician!" With that Anna laughed and hugged John "Yes you are, yes you are."


Author's note: There's always a way to capture your audience but the real magic is making your audience feel.

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