Happy Father's Day

Today is all about Dads :) We wouldn't be here without them! The amazing men who have done everything they can to put food on the table, who will wield a shotgun to protect their daughters (laughs), teaches their sons survival skills and the ones who may look stern but have hearts as soft as teddy bears!

Sometimes they may disappear in piles of work, come home when we're asleep and go off before we're awake, sometimes they say things that aren't too pleasing, do things that seem irrational, don't know how to express themselves and those times where they expect too much- but I guess, under all that, there's just a man who just wants to see his children happy, healthy, successful.

The picture above is one I envision my three men to have (hubbycat, little J & Monty Cat). While Little J is now nonexistent, when he does arrive, he will be loved to the moon and back, he will (hopefully) want to follow his daddy's musician footsteps and my hubbycat will be the most amazing father in the world. This piece is a bit special- it's for all the musician daddies in the world. (I know musicians have bad rep with being fathers, but I do know some amazing musician daddies and this one is for them!)

In the words of hubbycat "I am a musician, I hear music and the voices of the people I love will always be music to my ears." (happy sigh from the wifey)

Enjoy Father's Day!

Love, StickgirlProductions.

P/s: We have a new facebook name so change your bookmarks / links. It's now www.facebook.com/stickgirlproductions :)