#DoodleADayJune (Day6-Day12)

A little update on the #DoodleADayJuneChallenge :) This week was a little tricky because I was rushing some last minute Father's Day orders (thank you to those who ordered!) and when I had finally put the last of the orders in the mail, it was like my body suddenly went on strike and demanded to get rest. I'm still struggling to get my sleeping hours in order! 

BUT A COMMITMENT IS A COMMITMENT! I did miss day 11 but made up for it the next day :) This week I also used the challenge as my digital practices with the ipad and I'm slowly getting the hang of it! No more "Wait-a-minute, do I double tap, triple tap... oh no, forgot the layers!" newbie mistakes. It's not perfect enough to be used for StickgirlProductions pieces, but hopefully in a month or two, I'll be able to make a switch and give my customers a choice between old-school or new-age methods of design :)

Pictures after the jump :) 

Day 6 : Summer

Summer always remind me of beach time- sun bathing, swimming suits, beach volley ball and the movie Grease. This piece is a little bit special because it is also the piece where a cast member from Greek (my favourite TV show back then) liked this photo :) Yeap, had my fangirl moment for five minutes. (haha!)

Day 7: Wild

"Children of The Wild" - I blogged about the story behind this picture :)

Day 8: Activity
Sleepovers was the activity I drew. It was also my third time using the Ipad to draw :) Experimented with layers, colours, shading on this picture. 

 Day 9: City
Sydney will always be my favourite Australian state. There's something about how the harbour breaks the crazy concrete jungle, how people are fast and busy, how there's a mix of all sorts of different people, cultures and it reminds me a little bit of KL :) Also, I find Sydney brighter than Melbourne... but that could just be me. 

Day 10: Garden

 Day 11: Furniture
 Day 12: Your Home
This quote is special to me because in our house we live it. The hubbykins, baby MontyCat and I and while it's not always pretty it's perfect because LOVE makes it perfect. We come and go, but at the end of the day, home is always home and it's where I'd choose to be with the family I have :)

I drew this because it meant so much to me, so it meant so much to me when I got an order for this piece :) I customised the drawing to suit the lovely couple and redid the piece by hand.