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Friday, 21 June 2013

#DoodleADayJune (Day 12-Day21)

Hello!!! It's time for the #DooodleADayJune challenge update.

I'll be honest- I didn't follow the schedule and didn't do a few challenges :( I suddenly got swamped with orders and the errands was piling up and in the process I lost inspiration to do the challenge. BUT- it's Friday, it's the weekend, I completed all my orders and I found my mojo back.

On with the show! As usual, pictures after the jump!

Day 12: Furniture
One my favourite childhood pastime was sliding from the top of the sofa to the bottom like a slide! My couch was leather so it was really slippery!

Day 13: Era
Digital Era! Almost everyone is now connected via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Email and technology is getting more advanced AND cheaper! (yay!)

Day 14: Planet

Day 16: Dad

Day 17: Bright

Day 18: Yellow

The idea started with a yellow balloon- I always have a thing for balloons when I think of colour! haha. And then I just used YELLOW for everything else!

Day 20: Value

The most valuable thing to me is Family :) My family is pretty perfect, and I love everything about it :)

Day 21: A Word

"Inspire" is my motto in everything I do. If I fail to inspire, I'm not doing it right. And to refill the inspiration bank, I find my inspiration in all the beautiful things that God created :) YOU included when you encourage me.

If you noticed I missed Day15 and Day18. Sorry :( I failed a bit this week- but next week! I'll do better, promise!

Have an enjoyable week! Remember, INSPIRE!

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