A Doodle A Day

StickgirlProductions: A Doodle A Day
(All Pictures taken using iPhone4)

I stumbled upon this challenge by @ellolovey called "A Doodle A Day" on instagram (#adoodleadayjune). There has been "A Doodle A Day" challenge list for every month but I never did it because I was either lazy or it was the middle of the month when I remember the challenge. For this month's challenge, a reminder placed in my phone and determination to finish, I took the challenge. I'm already 5 days in (a feat as you'll see in a moment.)

A Doodle A Day June List

My experience: It's challenging! Not because the tasks are hard. As you can see from the list it's pretty straightforward. It's mostly because I have to discipline myself to draw. I'm an impulsive artist- I draw whenever the mood strikes or have an order to complete.This month is also a really busy month with Father's Day around the corner and my sleeping hours messed up means that putting time aside to draw can be quite tiresome. That's why, to have been consistent for 5 days straight is an accomplishment.

It's only been 5 days and I love what this challenge is doing to my creativity. It's almost as if I feel it expanding and I love how the themes are so relevant. The idea is to draw anything and everything that comes to mind when you think of the task word, but because I am StickgirlProductions, and I draw stick-people, I made sure all my drawings have stick-people related to the task word. 

So here's my doodles for this challenge!

Day 1: Colour

I fell in love with the this design! I am definitely going to use it for my up and coming line :)

Day 2: Local

Day 3: Fruit

Day 4: Things I Carry

This one was extra special because that day was also "National Hug Your Cat Day" and it was the perfect doodle task. I carry Monty-Cat everyday and it was fitting that I drew my baby for the task and use it as a tribute for that National holiday. 

Day 5: Work

Laziness has began to kick in. This one was the hardest to draw because I had only 3 hours of sleep the night before completing orders but disciplined I shall be. I sketched it out and ended up liking the pencil :) This is my perpetual state of drawing and I'm not complaining, because I LOVE IT! I love doing what I do, I love drawing, I love the way markers strewn all over the table feels therapeutic. It's amazing! 

I would definitely encourage anyone who is up for the challenge to do it! Creativity, Imagination and the ability to draw is something that needs constant practice as I've learnt. I personally feel that Creativity and Imagination are important skills to have no matter how old you are because life is too boring without it. Also, if you're doing the challenge, challenge yourself! Draw things that you wouldn't otherwise draw and you'd be surprised at what turns up :)

So there you go! Day 1-5 :) It's so amazing and I will finish this challenge! Challenge Accepted! So why don't you take the challenge too! You'd be surprised at the ideas you come up with :) Special thanks to Rhi from Ello Lovey who created this challenge. Brilliant!

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