Tribute: Mum

What better way to end a hiatus with a tribute to God's greatest gift: Mothers :)

Pencil Sketch : It's All About Mum

Some of the advice Mum always nags me about is that God knows best- nothing is more important than prayer, treat every human being with respect and honor, give your best to your family, don't give up when it gets tough, have the courage to admit you "don't know" and "ask for help", always be ready to offer a listening ear, do your best in everything, never treat anyone like they are second class or that you're better (even if you are), always have control of your money and sometimes it's better to not say anything because there are some arguments that just isn't worth fighting for (still learning this one). Needless to say, she made me a better, stronger, wiser person. She's also a huge reason why I took the jump and started SGP- because I can't offer much in return to them, but at least I can try to do good with the talents I have :)

Pencil Sketch : Mum Made Me.

Sure my mum is no longer around- but her legacy lives on in my heart and my sister's. This year is also a little bit special, because I now have a Mum-in-law :) And who have also done a wonderful job in raising her son, my husband :)

Mum Sketches

Mum's are amazing and they have the most sincere and selfless love for their family. I hope to one day be able to be just like mum when it comes to family. Love you  mum and mum-in-law!

and lastly, 
Stickgirl.Productions wishes all the brave, courageous, selfless mothers in the world,


Side note: Thank You to those who have ordered a Mother's Day card from me :) It brings me so much warmth and joy knowing that you've chosen my work to bring a smile to mum! You've just made Mother's Day that much more special for me!