Summer Wishes

Starting to get a little bit envious when I browse my Instagram feed and seeing the amazing sunny pictures from the coming-to-summer and perpetual summer regions of the world! I don't really miss the sweltering heat, but I sure do miss the sun that stays till 8pm, the choice of shorts, skirts and swimmers, bright neon colours and the smell of ice-cream floating in the air! Ah, now that winter is almost upon us here in Australia I really am starting to miss the summer atmosphere.

At least I can still draw Summer. For you in the hot season- whether summer or PERPETUAL summer, remember Ice-Cream always keeps you cool ;)

"Summer Cool" Art Print.

Successfully created a vintage feel to the art print using yellow staining for the background :) Art print available for sale! Message me or email me for more details!

P/S: I love that you love the artwork from Stickgirl.Productions and I'm all for sharing, but I'd like to kindly remind you that I'm still running a business- and to keep in business and to be able to create more pieces for you and me to enjoy I need to make sales! So if you do like a piece, instead of "stealing" them, do let me know and I'd gladly make them for you (my pieces are all affordable and not pricey at all! I promise.)

And if you want to share them- do ask my permission and to link the work back to me and credit me! Thanks :) Let's be fair and play fair so that SGP can continue to live on!! <3