No Other Like You

There's You in a Sea of People
I saw you in the distance, you shone bright as if the stars have come down from the sky to surround you. You stood out in the sea of people- people who were of many colours, backgrounds and specialties  But when I laid eyes on you, I knew, I knew you were different. I felt my heart stop, my soul sing and my whole being drawn to you. It was you, the one whom my soul has been searching for. 

It's no secret- I love Song of Songs.

"A lily among thorns" - that line is the inspiration behind this piece. There's going to be many in the world and they are all going to be special, pretty, awesome but they aren't always going to be right.

The right kind of love, love that is ready, love that is mature is like a lily. It blossoms, it blooms, it grows and it becomes beautiful. If it is not- it is like the thorn. It tears, it ruins, it pierces and it leaves you bleeding