Dare To Dream

I ran towards mum with excitement pouring out of every pour and my voice, high pitch and screaming for her "MOM!!! MOOOOMM!!! MOOOOMMMM!!!" - just like how excited little boys get when you buy them a new toy train. I had just watched Superman, and right now, all I ever wanted to be was "Superman". At 5, being Superman sounded like a feasible occupation just like being a Policeman or a Fireman. Little did I know, you needed to have superhero powers, come from another planet and the ability to be invincible to death to be Superman. Out of breath, I told mom my new found ambition. Her reaction that day would always remained etched in my memory- She took me in her arms and whispered in my ear "Son, looks like we'll need to get you a cape."

There are two reasons why I always will remember this. Number one- Mum is the best! She promised me a cape! Two days later, at breakfast next to my cup of milk and toast was a red cape and a note pinned on top "Be the hero you are." What I later found out was that mum made that cape for me with what little sewing knowledge she had, pricked herself with the needle many times and had little sleep rushing the cape so that I could be "Superman". I knew then, Mum was always sacrificial and selfless.

Number two, and this is the reason I am the person I am today is that mum will never see my dreams as stupid. Being Superman was impossible, a child's dream and yet, she helped me believe I could do it. Instead of laughing and telling me to choose again, she chose to enable me, encourage me and equip me. It's the reason why today, I dare to dream. It helps knowing that mum will always be my number one supporter and it helps to know that mum already sees me as a Superhero.


Mum- the woman behind superheroes. 
Note: When I started SGP two months ago, I thought of combining my love in writing stories with art and here's the first one :)

While I may not have had dreams of becoming Superman and I'm certainly not a boy, but just like the story, my mum has always been there cheer-leading for me. Ice-Skating, Piano, Leo Club, School- if there's one thing I can count on, she'll always be there even if I mess up and still looking at me with those proud eyes. This one story is for her and all the super mum's out there!