Children- Their Now, Our Tomorrow.

I love colour! All my pieces and designs are drawn using coloured Sharpie Markers and water-based markers that keeps the bright colour that appears on paper to be transferred to the computer after I scan them. My signature pieces are bright and vibrant.

StickgirlProductions: Colourful Designs
One cold day all curled up on the couch and too lazy to get my colour markers, I took up the challenge to "sketch" with the pencil I kept with my sketch book.

I first warmed up by drawing hairstyles. Pictured below is one I did for the females (I did a male one too, but it was a fail because I couldn't come up with enough hairstyles for boys >.<)

StickgirlProductions Pencil Sketch : Female Hair
  Then I tried couple pairings either hair, accessories or styles that complement each other.
StickgirlProductions Pencil Sketch: Couple Pairings 

And finally after all that practice and feeling a bit more adventurous, I came up with this. It was supposed to be a quick sketch but I fell in love with it. I titled this piece "Children- Their now, Our Tomorrow" and I will most definitely re-do this piece in colour in the future :)

StickgirlProductions Pencil Sketch: Children- Their Now, Our Tomorrow
Doctor, Athlete, Entrepreneur/Politician, Teacher :) The idea came after watching an advertisement on TV where funding was being taken away from education and put in other places. Honestly, I became slightly irked because when you prevent education, it's not the now that is affected but it's the future. It's very irresponsible to ignore the children just because they don't "contribute" now because in the future, they'll be controlling YOUR now. So if you ignore their now, you can definitely say goodbye to your tomorrow.

Yes, I'm all for education and empowering the next generation. I will always be- raising up the next generation isn't a choice, it's a MUST.