May Calendar

Stickgirl.Productions May!

It's a day to May! I drew this one on a whim and then decided that it would be nice to be used as my desktop wallpaper to remind me what day it is! Also- I searched for some interesting events that fell on a certain day in May and drew it in (like Cookie Day, Ice-Cream day, Mother's Day among many) and see if you can figure out what day has what (note: some is random).

I thought you might like one, so it's now downloadable :) Afterall, sharing is the best form of enjoyment! I have only made 3 sizes,  if you can't find your size don't panic! Let me know and I'll make one just for you and send it to you *wink*

Also if you'd like a print out, just download any one of the tree sizes and click print from your computer :) It should print out as a whole A4 size! It would be perfect stuck on a wall, on the fridge, in the bathroom or anywhere that needs some colour!

Click Your Size To Download: 

Enjoy! and Happy May :)