Fabric Coasters Collection

About a month ago, I got a sweet parcel all the way from New Zealand from Denise who is one of the many amazing, creative and crazy inspiring friends I know.

Inside the parcel was all kinds of good stuff- food magazines, a bar of chocolate, tea towels and this pack of "Country Road Aren Coaster" (the website). She suggested I put some art on them since they were perfect mini-canvases for Stickgirl to dance on.

Took a small trip to Officeworks (my favourite office supplies shop EVER!) and among many other goodies I got myself that day was a black Sharpie fabric marker and a red Sharpie fabric pen.

It took one brave night, when I was in my element to take on the challenge. 20 minutes later, I created four different designs using the same theme "hearts" and the colour "red". I'm pretty happy with the outcome because 1) this is my first time working on fabric 2) I did not make any mistakes 3) I created all 4 free-hand! :)

Stickgirl.Productions Coaster Collection
I call them:

Top Left: Cat Love
Bottom Left: Girly Fun
Top Right: Tree of Love
Top Bottom: Flying in the Sky

Now I don't have the heart to use them! >.<