Chocolate Mousse Cake

Baking Fun!

While drawing this cute picture for a friend who is planning a bake off, I decided to share my favourite go-to recipe with you too <3

So far I've used this recipe three times and it's always been a hit (and makes me wish I made more!) but because I am better at drawing than I am at baking, mine doesn't look anything like the picture on the website (sad face) but its taste sure makes up for how it looks!

So here's the recipe! And you're welcome! Just don't forget all in moderation, but you're forgiven if you can't control yourself because I sure couldn't!!

Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe 

If you're having an adult party- drop in some Kahlua or Baileys for that sweet alcohol kick :) The adults will thank you *wink*

Type: Poster Promo
Size: A4
Materials: 210 GSM paper, Sharpies